Rubbertec has purchased and installed a new high pressure water jet machine from the US to further develop our steel backed rubber liner panel business. It has the ability to cut almost any material, up to 200 mm thick. Factory based, it is a high tech service based on CAD technology, which can be developed work from just a simple sketch, into a computer-generated detailed drawing for approval.

Once a design is transferred into the machines computer, the movement of a fine abrasive water jet cuts around a shape at ultra high pressure (50,000 psi) on a bed size of 1500 x 3000 mm.

Steel backed rubber panels are laid and cut to customer requirements which equates to super quick deliveries as opposed to long delays in moulded product. This cutting technology also provides ceramic and polyurethane parts as well as simple rubber gaskets.

Cost is dependent upon a combination of design complexity, material type and rate of cutting speed. As each and every job is different, it is priced quickly and individually, please ask us for a quote.

*pictured is our machine operator John with the installation engineer from the US.