rubber applicators
Our dedicated team at Rubbertec would be more than willing to assist in any way possible, should there be a requirement for these types of applications.

We are more than willing to meet on site to discuss any areas mentioned in this website and how it relates to your application.

Autoclave installed in Perth, WA

Rubbertec has installed a 1.5m x 8m steam fed autoclave in its Perth operation. Supplied with steam from an itinerant (mobile) boiler, we can now offer in house lining of pulleys, shafts and other equipment as required.


Blair Rubber Co appoints Australasian distributors

Rubbertec has been appointed Australasian applicators and distributors of Blair Rubber Company’s range of cured and uncured lining systems. Blair Rubber, manufactures in Akron Ohio and sells lining systems globally through network partners.