Rubbertec offer a customised ceramic lining and repair service with the capacity to spin cast, hand lay or bond rubber-backed tiles to pipework, chutes and bins. Ceramic tile sizes and thicknesses for lining work are determined based on your specifications.


Ceramofix repair compound is available ex-stock in 5kg containers which enables fast on-site repairs to worn steel or lined components. This provides excellent adhesion to the existing substrate with minimal preparation, even if moisture is present.

Please contact us for technical data and pricing.


Armourtile is a large format ceramic design liner produced in industry standard sizes or cut to size and shape for customised jobs.

Armourtile is the result of over 12 months research into various ceramic manufacturers, their products, procedures and QA systems. To support this, we engaged independent testing of the ceramic composition and bond strengths to achieve a high quality product.

  • Transfer Chutes
  • Deflectors
  • Impact Plates
  • Launders
  • Hoppers
  • Stackers
  • Reclaimers

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