Expansion joints

Rubbertec manufactures a range of hand built, autoclave vulcanized rubber expansion joints.

Custom Connectors

The most popular flanged coupling which provide extremely strong connections, with the benefit of being able to rotate the flange or hose.

Rubber linings

Rubbertec specialises in hot vulcanised and cold bonded rubber linings in a purpose built facility.

Pipe and valve linings

Rubbertec has been lining a wide variety of valves of all configurations in a variety of materials for many years.

Food grade linings

Rubbertec supplies and installs Tec-flex FG, which is a food grade rubber used in various applications.

Rubber sheeting

Rubbertec manufactures and applies a range of rubber sheeting in a variety of hardnesses and compound types.

Wear panels

Rubbertec manufactures and supplies Tec-Flex Liner Panels to customers requirements in a range of sizes and thicknesses.


Rubbertec manufactures Rubberthane™ in the full range of polyurethane hardnesses from 25 Shore A through to 70 Shore D.