Rubberflex 60 abrasion resistant rubber sheeting is applied as a hard wearing rubber lining using either hot vulcanized or cold bonded systems.

Rubberflex 60 is available in cured and uncured form and applied to abrasive blasted components in accordance with BS6374:Part 5:1985.

Cured hardness is 60 Shore A and exhibits excellent weather and physical properties for the most arduous applications, where a combination of impact, larger particle size, or cut and tear resistance is required in a dry or wet environment.


product Rubberflex 60
polymer Natural Rubber
colour Black
durometer 63 +/-5 (A/1) (ASTM D2240 Scale ‘A’)
tensile strength 25.0 MPa (ASTM D412 method A)
elongation @ break 500% (ASTM D412 method A)
specific gravity 1.12
temperature range Max 70˚C (Cured)
curing method Steam Cure Autoclave/Pre-cured
NB. All results based upon laboratory cured samples, specification subject to change without notice.


Typical applications for these lining systems are:
  • pipe and spool lining
  • chutes and tanks
  • trunnion linings
  • hose lining material
  • trommel frames
  • mill components
  • liner panels
  • pulley lagging