Rubberflex Premium is an abrasion resistant rubber sheeting, designed to withstand abrasive materials in mining and slurry applications. It is applied as a soft rubber lining using a cold bonded system, and can be used for tank and pipe linings through to inner tubes for hand built hose.

Supplied in cured form from liquid phase nanometer compounding with a buff back it exhibits physical properties for the most arduous applications, with excellent results in wet slurry applications. It has also performed with excellent results with ore slurries, tailing lines, sand & gravel bins, pipes and hoppers, coal, cement, fly ash etc.

Whether used by the applicator with the ease of a buffed back through to end users with specific abrasion resistant and bond strength requirements, Rubberflex Premium stands up to the test in arduous applications.


product Rubberflex Premium
polymer Natural Rubber
colour Red
durometer 35 (ASTM D2240 Scale A)
tensile strength 23.5 MPa (ASTM D412 Method A)
elongation @ break 866% (ASTM D412 Method A)
specific gravity .95
temperature range Max 70˚C (Cured)
curing method Pre-cured
NB. All results based upon laboratory cured samples, specification subject to change without notice.


Typical applications for these lining systems are:
  • pipe and spool lining
  • cyclones
  • launders
  • hose lining material
  • slurry handling