Rubberflex RS 3860 abrasion resistant rubber sheeting is applied as a soft rubber lining using hot vulcanized bonded systems.

Rubberflex RS 3860 is available in uncured form andapplied to abrasive blasted components in accordance with BS6374:Part 5:1985.

Cured hardness is 50 Shore A and exhibits excellent weather and physical properties for the most arduous applications, with excellent results in wet applications.


product Rubberflex RS 3860 Claret
polymer Natural Rubber
colour Claret
durometer 50 +/-5 (ASTM D2240 Scale ‘A’)
tensile strength 21 MPa (ASTM D412 method A)
elongation @ break 600% (ASTM D412 method A)
specific gravity 1.07
temperature range Max 70˚C (Cured)
curing method Steam Cure Autoclave
NB. All results based upon laboratory cured samples, specification subject to change without notice.


Typical applications for these lining systems are:
  • flow meters