Rubbertec Australia is pleased to announce it has acquired Direct Rollers, a rubber roller refurbishing company. In adding to our existing capacity, the range of additional equipment, technology and products will ensure our existing and new customers needs are met.

Direct Rollers have been servicing the requirements of the printing, label making and industrial roller market for approximately 10 years from Brunswick and then Sunshine. Jeffery Bird, director of Direct Rollers felt the integration into the larger company of Rubbertec Australia will further enhance the company’s ability to service the market and it’s customers needs.

In addition to the option of simply recovering the rubber component of the roller, Rubbertec is able to manufacture roller cores, rebuilt damaged shafts and replace/provide bearings and housings to customers needs.

All coatings apply uncured rubber, and autoclave cure and grind to size. So with the ability to recover rollers in all elastomeric materials such as EPDM, Nitrile, Silicone etc., and in all sizes, we welcome the opportunity to quote for your next roller recovering application.